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Web Links


  1. The Gleaners and I: This film follows the age-old practice of gleaning in modern France.
  2. Hitler’s Children: Check out this documentary series to learn about the real-life individuals who joined Hitler’s Jungvolk movement.
  3. A Nod and a Wink: This older documentary takes a look at a law in Britain called the Conspiracy Act and the unjust powers it gives to the government.
  4. Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution: Watch this documentary series to get a complete and accurate look at the death camp of Auschwitz and others around Europe.
  5. 25 Million Pounds: Here you’ll get to see into the mind and life of Nick Leeson, a man who scammed numerous people out of millions.
  6. Binwars: With garbage collection reduced to every other week, this film examines the battle between the people and the government over garbage.
  7. Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children: This film takes an often sad look at the children abandoned in a nation with more institutionalized children with disabilities than anywhere in Europe.
  8. End of Nations: Learn more about the much contested Lisbon treaty in this documentary.
  9. An Islamic History of Europe: Through this documentary you’ll get a chance to see the many ways Islamic culture shaped Europe.
  10. Mind the Gap: In this movie you’ll take a more in-depth look at the London bombings following 9/11.
  11. Steal This Film: This free film will help you gain a better understanding of copyright issues and piracy.

* Some are free, others are probably available through a college library (Source)


Virtual Field Trips

  1. Northern Scotland #1 (Scottish Highlands) (WGTT)
  2. Northern Scotland #2 (Island & Peripheries) (WGTT)
  3. Whisky Tourism in Scotland (WGTT)
  4. Glasgow, Scotland (WGTT)
  5. Margate, Kent, England (beach tourism) (WGTT)
  6. Reculver, Kent, England (beach tourism) (WGTT)
  7. Sidmouth, Devon, England (heritage tourism) (WGTT)
  8. Barcelona, Spain (WGTT)
  9. Girona, Spain (heritage tourism) (WGTT)
  10. London above at night (Boston Globe, Aug 2008)
  11. Culinary Tour of Munich, Germany (NYTimes Travel photos)
  12. A Modern Grand Tour of Europe (NYTimes Travel photos)
  13. MSNBC Travel Photos: Istanbul, Florence, Venice, Running of the Buils, more?

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