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Virtual Field Trips


  1. The Revolution Will Not be Televised: This film addresses the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly removed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez from power.
  2. Plan Columbia: Learn more about the conspiracies surrounding US involvement in Columbian drug trade and politics.
  3. Cracking the Maya Code: Watch this film to learn how the Mayan language was deciphered and centuries old writings brought to light.
  4. Keep the River on Your Right: Through this film you’ll get access to the experiences of painter Tobias Schneebaum, who spent a great deal of time with the peoples of Peru and New Guinea.
  5. Lost King of the Maya: Trace the rise and fall of the Mayan city of Copan in this intriguing documentary feature.
  6. The Take: In the wake of an Argentinean economic collapse, this film follows a group of auto workers who want nothing more than to restart the factories.
  7. Hummingbird: Nominated for numerous awards, this film tells the story of two groups in Brazil who work to get young kids off the street and out of trouble.
  8. No Volverán – The Venezuelan Revolution Now: If you don’t know much about the Venezuelan Revolution, this film offers a chance to learn.
  9. Salvador Allende: This film shows the life and times of deposed and killed Chilean President Salvador Allende, taken out of power because of his socialist beliefs by a US-backed coup.

* Some are free, others are probably available through a college library (Source)

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