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Web Links

Virtual Field Trips

  1. Antarctica - amazing photos from The Boston Globe
  2. MSNBC Travel Photos: Australia, New Zealand, more?
  3. Bora Bora, Tahiti - LA Times photo essay


  1. Welcome to Australia: This film will show you the brutal historical treatment of the aboriginal peoples of Australia and the inequalities that continue.
  2. Fortress Australia: Learn about a plan to fortify Australia using atomic weapons in this interesting film.
  3. Cane Toads: An Unnatural History: The introduction of these toads has ruined the Australian ecosystem and left the country with an overabundance of them, as this film shows.
  4. Sydney: Story of a City: Check out this film to explore the city of Sydney through an artistic lens.
  5. Billabong Odyssey: Watch as this group of surfers attempts to surf on some of the biggest and baddest waves in the world.
  6. South Pacific: Strange Islands: This film will let you see the amazing wildlife that calls New Zealand home.
  7. Solo: This movie tells that tale of Andrew McAuley’s attempt to become the first person to kayak 1,600 kilometers from Australia to New Zealand.
  8. Coral Reef Adventure: See some of the most beautiful and endangered coral reefs in the world, especially those in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, in this film.
  9. When We Were Pirates: In this film you’ll get to see a group of men as they attempt to build a ship and sail to Australia.
  10. The Coconut Revolution: Here you can watch as a group of rebels in Papua New Guinea fights for their independence from colonial powers.
  11. Killer Whale and Crocodile: This film unites a traditional artist from Canada with one from Papua New Guinea.

* Some are free, others are probably available through a college library (Source)

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