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Web Links

  • Reference Maps of World Regions - CIA Fact Book
  • World Bank Data Maps - World maps showing: Aid Flows, Arable land, CO2 Emissions, Forest Area, Forest Loss, Fresh Water, Growth in Gross, Domestic Product, Income Per Person, Infant Mortality, Life Expectancy, Ratio of Girls in School,Telephone Lines - also has links to country data
  • Thematic Maps from the UN-FAO - Farming, Population, Precipitation, Satellite Image, Temperature, Growing Season, Elevation, and related maps for Major World Regions and the EntirePlanet
  • World Rankings
  • Global Edge - and - NationMaster - general region and country statistics and information
  • - World Geography - definitions and
    major world features (physical geography)
  • Best World Atlas - links to the best map, atlas and statistical websites for the US and the countries of the world.
  •'s Geography - Basic introduction to Geography and geographic topics, from physical to cultural, plus links to maps and country stats.
  • GEOGRAPHY IN THE NEWS - An automatic news scanner from that shows stories based on geography-related keywords. Also available via RSS and Twitter, and can be embedded on a blog or webpage.
  • Map Quizzes - a lot ot them!

Virtual Field Trips (General & Global)

  • 360 Cities - 360 degree panoramic photos from around the world - viewing a group of photos in one place provides a field trip-like experience, though with limited text
  • Google Earth (free version) - must be downloaded to your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) - has many layers, including photos, videos, 360 Cities (above), and links to social awareness stories

Open Access Geography Journals

  • These are academic journals that freely available to the public.
  • Also available for free access are the most popular downloaded articles for the past year in Tourism Geographies.

Tourism and Geography Topic Links

  • Compiled by Dr. D'Arcy Dornan, Central Connecticut State University; Examples of topics include: Accessible Travel, Agritourism, Cruise Lines, Culinary Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Travel Safety and Security, Virtual Tourism, Weather, Wine Tourism, and World Music

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