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Web Links


Web Links

Virtual Field Trips

  1. West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada (WorldGTT)
  2. St. John's, New Foundland, Canada (WorldGTT)

  3. Virtual Field Trips of the USA website (A.A.Lew)
  4. Visual Search: US States (photo gallery)
  5. A Weekend in San Francisco's Mission District (NYTimes Travel photos)
  6. MSNBC Travel Photos: Alaska, San Diego, San Antonio, Nashville, New Orleans, Coney Island, Boston, Miami, Toronto, and more.
  7. Theme Town: The Geography of Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona


  1. Super Size Me: This Morgan Spurlock documentary exposes the real dangers lurking behind fast food as he attempts to eat nothing but McDonalds for one month.
  2. When the Levees Broke: Watch this HBO documentary to learn more about the true impact of Hurricane Katrina.
  3. Harlan County, U.S.A.: This 1976 Oscar-winning film will let you see the effects of a dramatic and sometimes violent miner’s strike.
  4. America the Beautiful: In this film, the American obsession with looking younger, sexier and better is examined in detail.
  5. Maxed Out: This documentary takes a hard look at the use and overuse of credit cards in American culture.
  6. Unrepentant: Take a different look at Canada with this film that exposes the plan to eliminate native people and one clergyman’s attempts to expose the crimes.
  7. National Parks: America’s Best Idea: This Ken Burns series from PBS will let you learn about the history and beauty of American parks.
  8. Flamenco at 5:15: You might not think about Canada as the heart of flamenco, but this Oscar-winning film documents the impact of two Spanish dance teachers on the National Ballet School of Canada.
  9. King Corn: Here you’ll find a film that exposes the increasing impact corn production has had on American eating and the economy.
  10. Street Fight: Nominated and winner of numerous awards, this film documents the no-holds-barred battle for the mayor of Newark, NJ.

* Some are free, others are probably available through a college library (Source)

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