Tourism and Heritage:
Opportunities and Challenges for Conservation Geography

International Geographical Union Pre-Conference Symposium
10–13 November 2011

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile








IGU Tourism Commisssion




Conference Theme

Tourism and Heritage: Challenges for Conservation Geography Heritage is an important resource for tourism. Globally tourism activities based on the attractiveness of different kinds and scales of heritage resources are growing which provides opportunities for development, socio-economic benefit creation, conservation support, education and learning, for example.

Heritage tourism, including cultural, ethnic and indigenous tourism, can also empower local cultures and people and support cultural identities and traditions. However, growing tourism and the use and creation of heritage sites can also produce challenges and conflicts that relate to over utilization of heritage sites, power issues in participation and cultural representations and misuse of heritage related socio-cultural meanings and values in tourism. Therefore, tourism geographies, conservation geography and heritage tourism development call for further discussions, research and critical thinking on sustainable heritage management.

The overall purpose of this symposium is to discuss the geographical aspects of heritage tourism, including cultural and natural heritage and related issues, and focus on the opportunities and challenges based on growing tourism interest in heritage. A special aim is to stimulate discussions on conservation geography and tourism studies.

Conference Topics

Potential themes for presentations include, but are not limited to:
  • Heritage Tourism -Cultural Tourism
  • Ethnic and Indigenous Tourism
  • Community-Based Tourism
  • Urban Heritage and Tourism
  • Tourism and Heritage Conservation
  • Heritage and Tourism Impacts
  • Heritage Management -Conservation Geography and Tourism
  • Governance of Heritage in Tourism Development
  • Sustainable Tourism and Heritage Resources
  • Cultural Landscapes and Tourism
  • Wilderness and Tourism -Local Identities, Heritage and Tourism
  • Cultural Representations in Tourism
  • Biodiversity and Geodiversity in Heritage Tourism
  • Globalisation, Heritage and Tourism

Conference Events

  1. The conference includes a one-day excursion.

  2. Several post-conference excursions are available. See the Conference Program page for more information.

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