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Coastal, Island and Tropical Tourism:
Global Impacts, Local Resilience

22nd to 24th April 2013
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The 2nd Coastal, Island & Tropical Tourism Conference
The 6th Tourism Outlook Conference
The 2nd International Dive Tourism Expert Meeting

Mount Kinabalu

Coastal and island environments comprise some of the most sensitive and complex ecosystems on the planet.  Especially in tropical locations, they are increasingly impacted by global economic and social forces, including economic development pressures that are often tourism and recreation related, rapid population growth that is driven by economic migrants, major resource extraction in the form of oil and gas drilling and relentless industrial fishing, and global climate change and steadily rising sea levels.  These pressures create enormous challenges for coastal and island communities due to the global scope of the problems, an inadequate understanding of the issues, and a paucity of effective management tools.

The objective of this conference is to provide a platform for tourism students and educators, government agency employees, hospitality and tourism industry practitioners, public and private land managers, community development workers, and others interested in these issues to share, exchange and debate ideas and knowledge related to our understanding and management of coastal, island and tropical tourism.  Through this, the conference aims to identify practical solutions, chart new directions, and create opportunities for networking on sustainable tourism development in these sensitive environments.  

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