NAU GPR Graduate Programs

FAQ for
MS Geospatial Sciences Degree Applications

Also see our General Graduate Application FAQ, which covers questions related to all of our GPR graduate programs.

a) I would like any advice on what I can do to make myself a qualified and competitive applicant.

In general, applications for admission to the MS Applied Geospatial Sciences degree are assessed based on the following criteria:

A. Strength of the Statement of Interest and Intent, including:

  • Quality of writing - a clear statement that is well written
  • Recent personal growth and potential - evidence of motivation to succeed and potential for intellectual growth
  • Fit with the MS Geospatial Sciences program and faculty - please see our faculty webpages
  • Relevance of past experience - professional, educational and volunteer work in the subject areas covered by the degree

B. Evidence of ability to do succeed in graduate level study - as seen in transcripts or other relevant work

C. Strength of Letters of Recommendation - with a focus on the ability to succeed and work in a professional environment

The GPR Graduate Review Committee tends to look more favorably upon applications that are neat and attractive.

b) When do I need to take the GRE and when/how do I give you the results?

c) What is your minimum score for the GRE and TOEFLE?

d) Can I waive the GRE based on evidence of my abilities from my previous courses?

e) Do I need to find a professor to advise me before I apply, do I just call them up?

f) Are there any specific prerequisites to the program? I have not taken any geography classes, will I have to do make up work for that?

g) What is the PSM (Professional Science Masters)?

h) What are the department's financial aid arrangements for MS students? I would like to Graduate Assistantship or internship, but what other aid can I get?

i) I'm wondering what kind of graduate assistantships and research opportunities there would be for someone with my background.

j) I am almost through with the letters of recommendation and essay. I believe this is the last step (correct me if I am wrong). How long does it take to review the application and get back to me?

k) I'm guessing a practicum involves working with either a government entity or private company in whatever the specified field of study that one chooses for their degree?

l) Why is it important to pursue a degree in Applied Geospatial Sciences?

m) What are potential careers for students graduating with this degree?

o) Do graduates need additional training after their degree such as internships, fellowships, shadowing?

p) How do the online courses work?

q) I saw on the site that this program qualifies for an in-state tuition exchange; what is the process to qualify for that?

r) Are there classes in other departments that I could take as a graduate student in the MS Applied Geospatial Sciences degree?

s) Where do I find and send the department application forms and letters?

The application form is mostly done online through the NAU Graduate College.


Other Notes