NAU GPR Graduate Programs

FAQ for
BS-MS Accelerated Program Applications

Also see our General Graduate Application FAQ, which covers questions related to all of our GPR graduate programs, and our MS Application FAQ.

(A) If a students took a 400 level course as an undergraduate that is co-convened with a 500 level class, can the student then take the 500 level co-convened course and apply it toward a graduate certificate (or even a MS degree)?

(B) Does the 6 unit course reduction for BS-MS students apply to both the thesis option and the practicum option?

(C) I cannot take 681 in the Fall because it conflicts with a class that I need to complete my undergraduate degree. What should I do?

(D) I am a graduating senior and will finish my degree before I start the MS coursework. Can I still apply for the BS-MS Accelerated Program?

(E) When can I register for GSP 681/687?

(F) Is the admission process the same for the BS-MS Accelerated Degree program as for the typical MS Applied Geospatial Sciences degree?

(G) I am applying specifically for the Accelerated Program and as far as I have been able to tell there has not been any questions or options throughout the application regarding this detail. Am I missing something, or will those who review the application conclude this from my undergraduate status?

(H) I need to be full-time for my undergraduate scholarship. If I am taking both graduate and undergraduate courses, how many credits is full time?

·         Until you finish your Bachelors degree, you will need to take 12 units or more to be considered full time. After you Bachelors degree is awarded, then you would be considered full time with 9 units of graduate classes.

(I) Where do I find and send the department application forms and letters?

The application form is mostly done online through the NAU Graduate College.

Non-NAU Transcripts must be sent to the NAU Graduate College (information is on their online application form).

Other Notes