NAU GPR Graduate Programs

FAQ for
BS-MS Integrated Program Applications

Also see our General Graduate Application FAQ, which covers questions related to all of our GPR graduate programs, and our MS Application FAQ.

(A) If a students took a 400 level course as an undergraduate that is coconvened with a 500 level class, can the student then take the 500 level coconvened course and apply it toward a graduate certificate (or even a MS degree)?

(B) Does the 6 unit course reduction for BS-MS students apply to both the thesis option and the practicum option?

(C) I cannot take 681 in the Fall because it conflicts with a class that I need to complete my undergraduate degree. What should I do?

(D) I am a graduating senior and will finish my degree before I start the MS coursework. Can I still apply for the BS-MS Integrated Program?

(E) When can I register for GSP 681/687?

(F) Is the admission process the same for the BS-MS Integrated Degree program as for the typical MS Applied Geospatial Sciences degree?

(G) I am applying specifically for the Integrated Program and as far as I have been able to tell there has not been any questions or options throughout the application regarding this detail. Am I missing something, or will those who review the application conclude this from my undergraduate status?

(H) Where do I find and send the department application forms and letters?

The application form is mostly done online through the NAU Graduate College.

Non-NAU Transcripts must be sent to the NAU Graduate College (information is on their online application form).

Other Notes