NAU GPR Graduate Programs

FAQ for
Graduate Certificate Programs Applications
(GIS & Community Planning)

Also see our General Graduate Application FAQ, which covers questions related to all of our GPR graduate programs.

i) When is the deadline for application to the certificate programs?

ii) What are the requirements for admission to the certificate programs?

iii) What is the total cost of the certificate?

iv) Several thousand dollars (graduate tuition and fees) for a certification seems a bit steep.

v) How long it will take to finish the certificate.

vi) How difficult is it to change from the certificate program into the Masters once you complete the certificate?

vii) Are the certificate courses based upon another masters degree at NAU? What is it? Could some of the courses be counted toward another masters degree at NAU?

viii) Are the online classes scheduled in a way that you can complete the certificate in 1 year?

ix) Do I need to take the GRE for the certificate?

x) What are the admissions requirements to be qualified for the Certificate program?

xi) Are all of these classes transferable to your Master's Program in case I decide to go further with my education?

xii) Can I start classes at any time, or just at the start of the semester?

xiii) Is there a demo or test portal that I can log into to see how your online interface is set up for the classes?

xiv) What separates your online GIS program from the competition?

xv) Where do I find and send the department application forms and letters?

** Click Here for GIS Certificate Application Information.

** Click Here for Community Planning Certificate Application Information.

The application form is mostly done online through the NAU Graduate College.


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